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Solitaire Games of Skill Sampler 2.4

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Solitaire Games of Skill Sampler
PLAY SOLITAIRE WITH LESS SCANNING OF THE LAYOUT WHEN: (1) Every card which can be moved is marked with a light or dark blue strip. This includes cards not at the top of their column. (2) Cards key to winning the game are marked with orange strips. (3) Potential trouble spots in the layout are marked with orange and blue strips. (4) Cards which have yet to be put into play are listed in a table. PLAY SOLITAIRE WITH LESS MOUSE MOVEMENT AND FEWER MOUSE CLICKS WHEN: (1) Cards in a single column highlighted because they can be moved as described above can be each sent to its own destination by a single mouse click on the column. (2) You can move cards by clicking on the place where you want them to go rather than having to move the mouse to the card and click on the card. (3) Cards can be dealt from the hand by left clicking anywhere on the layout there is not a card. Cards can be built on foundations or turned faceup by right clicking anywhere on the layout there is not a card. (4) Players do not have to repeatedly cycle through the deck to get at cards when playing games where cards are dealt three at a time to a wastepile and there are unlimited redeals. Every third card is displayed to the player at once in a column. (5) Columns can be swapped by dragging one column over another and letting go. (6) Players are allowed to move cards that are in proper sequence when game rules state that cards must be moved one card at a time. These augmented supermoves take into account intermediate builds on other columns as well as the number of tableau spaces and cells. There is a solitaire game taken from every major type of solitaire. Play FreeCell, Solitaire, Spider, and original versions not found elsewhere of the following games: Elevens, Pyramid, Nestor,Aces Up, Gaps, Golf, Peek, Precedence, Queen of Italy, Canfield, La Belle Lucie, Easthaven, Napoleon's Square, Little Billie, Miss Milligan,Russian Solitaire, and Yukon.
Solitaire Games of Skill Sampler
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Author: Roger Waters
License: Freeware
File Size: 9.6 MB
Downloads: 26

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